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At Taunton Fabrications, our reputation as steel fabricators - and the leading supplier of architectural metalwork in the South of England - is not something we take for granted. We constantly look at what we do, and how we can do it better, in order to provide our clients with an even better quality of service and product.

Everyone in the company is encouraged to contribute and make suggestions, and we've learnt that lots of small improvements really can make a big difference. Our biggest asset is our workforce. We're proud to have a passionate, loyal, and hard working team at Taunton Fabrications who are able to tackle the most challenging architectural project. Without their skill and commitment, Taunton Fabs would not have successfully delivered many of the fine projects that we now feature in our current portfolio.


Jason Rigby, Managing Director

sbarc | spark, Cardiff

Working closely with Bouygues UK and architects Hawkins\Brown, Taunton Fabrications manufactured and installed the Oculus staircase, the first of its kind in the UK, at Cardiff University’s cutting-edge Innovation Campus.

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School of Management, University of Bath

Working closely with Bouygues UK, Taunton Fabrications were appointed to design and manufacture the architectural metalwork package for the new research and teaching facility.

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We work with some of the most recognised and innovative construction companies and architects to deliver a wide range of secondry architectural metalwork to commercial and residential building projects.

Our Philosophy

We're proud to continually invest in the professional development of our staff and have a dedicated team of designers, welders and contractors who are passionate about delivering creative architectural solutions.

OUR Commitment

Our standards ensure that due thought and consideration is given at all times in the design, manufacture and installation of the wide range of work that we undertake.


What we do