Taunton Fabrications are great advocates of the BUILDOFFSITE philosophy and have a dedicated BUILDOFFSITE facility where the painting, finishing and pre-assembly of a wide variety of architectural metalwork is carried out.

Our dedicated - 700 square meter - BUILDOFFSITE factory

To meet an increasing demand for our products and services, Taunton Fabrications has invested in a new BUILDOFFSITE factory space at our Taunton site that enables us to complete all finishing and off-site pre-build activities.

BUILDOFFSITE is a cost effective model of delivering high quality metalwork and offers a number of distinct advantages. Completing works in-house - in a controlled environment - not only ensures the quality of the workmanship, but it also enables us to pre-sling - and test lift - heavy and awkward items. BUILDOFFSITE also means a reduction in deliveries to site (meaning that there is a need for fewer associated trades, with fewer employees requiring the CSCS certification needed for on-site installation and better for the environment) and a qucker & safer intallation period.

Our success in recent years with an off-site pre build assembly service has meant we can provide our clients with speedier installations and greatly reduced costs. This new facility will enable us to continue and expand this part of our business.
Jason Rigby, Managing Director