Taunton Fabs apprentices making their mark

Taunton Fabrications apprentices

From left: Toby Collard, Daisy Smith and Scott Nicholls.

Our commitment to the future success of the business is down to the investments that we make today.

One of our most important investments at Taunton Fabrications is the one we make in employee training and skills. As well as providing several training programmes for staff development, we also recognise a need for young, practically minded, individuals within the steel fabrication industry. Our collaboration with Somerset Education Business Partnership has introduced us to three outstanding candidates; all of whom have made significant contributions to our business and workforce.

Scott Nicholls joined us straight from school three years ago as an apprentice Welder Fabricator. He has now completed his apprenticeship and has now developed the skills and understanding required in making some of the very complicated architectural structures that we get involved with.

Daisy Smith spent a few weeks with us earlier this year on a work experience placement as Welder Fabricator. We were so impressed with her enthusiasm and commitment that we decided to offer her an apprenticeship. Daisy is currently working in our stainless steel department and developing her TIG welding skills. She will soon start her EAL Level 4 NVQ Extended Diploma in Engineering Manufacture apprenticeship which will give her the skills and knowledge required in a modern steel fabrication business like ours.

Toby Collard is our newest employee, having only just left school this year. He came and joined us for a couple of weeks - we liked him and he liked us - and now he is working full time as a Finisher in our brand new pre-build assembly and painting workshop.