The UK’s First Oculus Stair Takes Shape

Bouygues UK have recently unveiled the 'Oculus' staircase, which was manufactured and installed by Taunton Fabrications for the Social Science Research Park (SPARK) facility at Cardiff's Innovation Campus; designed by Hawkins\Brown.

Cardiff University's £300m Innovation Campus will be the world's first social science research park, co-locating leading researchers, practitioners and policy makers. An integral part if the new Innovation Campus is The 'Oculus' - a sculptural; open staircase travelling through a slanting void. The aim of the Oculus is to drive engagements and collaborations between the varying uses of the building. It starts at the ground floor as a social stair and forms breakout zones to each level, which are curated differently, becoming destinations to users on other floors.

Mike Baynham, Operations Director for Bouygues UK in Wales, and project lead on Cardiff Innovation Campus, said:

“It’s amazing to have witnessed this staircase taking shape over the past few months. The expertise of Taunton Fabrications and the amazing vision of Hawkins\Brown have all come together to create a spectacle in this truly one-of-a-kind building. The way the staircase was constructed is also very unique as the stairs weren’t installed directly above each other, as traditionally happens, but are offset at each floor level. Several methods of installation have been reviewed over months to come up with the best way to install the stairs safely and practically.